Testimonial Videos

5 reasons to make a testimonial video:

  1. Give your customers confidence
  2. Stand out from the competition
  3. Strengthen your brand
  4. Higher audience retention
  5. If a picture paints a thousand words then video must paint..

Top tips to making a successful testimonial video:

  • Use genuine testimonials every time! If your customers love your products or services then this should speak for itself in their body language and facial expressions
  • Reassure your subject(s) if they are nervous that they don't have to look into the camera. Speaking to someone off camera is much more natural and gives the impression that the camera is observing, rather than intervening!
  • Use it as a chance to impress prospective customers by showing gorgeous shots of the businesses at work. This can also provide extra value if you plan on releasing further video content in the future.
  • Think about your target audience and how or where they will be able to see your video. Use social media effectively to promote it.

A testimonial video can be a very powerful tool that not only gives potential customers confidence in your business but also help you stand out from the competition. Utilizing the power of social media, a high quality testimonial video can compliment a wider marketing strategy.

With increased usage of mobile devices for streaming of video content, the ability to target potential customers while they're at home, in their workplace or anywhere in between cannot be ignored. A high quality testimonial video gives you the opportunity to engage your target audience and gain their trust immediately.

Below are some examples of testimonials I have produced.

Linnworks - Monster Group's Story

iChoose by Helm Godfrey - Winshuttle Testimonial

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