Music Videos

From solo artists to 6 piece bands, simple performances to elaborate music videos, I have the passion and experience to help artists grow and entertain their fan base at affordable rates. No matter which genre you fall under, ensure that you are captured in the perfect light.

Camera operator (1 of 3)

‘The Feel Good Show’ - Roger Wright

DOP/ video editor

'Punk is Violence - Live Session' - Bearfoot Beware


'I Wanna Know' - Just a Ride (325productionsUK)

DOP/video editor

'Mirror Mirror' - Richard Petch


'Autumn Leaves' - Mel Hayes

Camera operator

Imperial Grooves… turning your celebration into an unforgettable event!


'Do you remember?' - Samantha Horwill

DOP/video editor

'Goodhart's law' - Backyards

My band hired Matt to produce, record and edit a performance music video for an upcoming single release. We presented him with the song and some very vague ideas about mood, and he was able to turn that into a stunning video which we are proud to share publicly and present as the visual face of the band.
— Ben Styles, Musician (Backyards)