My heart lies in film. When I'm not busy promoting businesses I am collaborating with other talented freelancers and production companies to create cinematic and engaging stories. From self started shorts and commercials to assisting on feature length films I am continually seeking opportunities to tell exciting stories through the medium of film.

Whether you require a DOP for your short or are looking for an assistant, I could be your ideal candidate.

'Twenty Twenty-Four' (Feature)

Camera Operator - Canon 5D mkii, Canon L series lenses

Running time: 88 mins

Trailer for British independent feature film Twenty Twenty-Four AKA ‘It Lives’ in the UK. A mysterious, psychological thriller starring Andrew Kinsler. Written and Directed by Richard Mundy.

A lone scientist maintains an underground bunker for the coming nuclear disaster. But after becoming prematurely isolated, he slowly begins to question his own reality and whether he is truly alone. Twenty Twenty-Four is an unsettling nightmare you'll never be sure you've woken up from.

Available in the UK retitled ‘It Lives’ at Amazon, HMV, major supermarkets & on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Sky Store & Microsoft Store

'Liquiproof: Just Desserts.' (Commercial)

Director of Photography - Sony F5, Canon Cine primes

Running time: 30 secs

Liquiproof Fabric Protection helps prevent stains, not awkward moments as is proven in this steamy commercial directed by Tom Sands.

‘Rupert, Rupert & Rupert’ (Feature)

1st AC - Black Magic Production Camera

Trailer for bittersweet comedy-drama Rupert, Rupert & Rupert (Substantial Films)

A struggling actor with multiple personality disorder whose three identities battle for control wins the lead role in a West End play and falls for the pretty makeup artist.

Now available in the UK on Amazon Prime.

Cats Protection 'Pawsome Afternoon Tea' (Commercial)

Director of Photography - C100 mkii, Canon L series lenses

Running time: 1 min 43 secs

Host your own Paw-some Afternoon Tea and have a feline fun-filled afternoon in aid of Cats Protection. What better way to help cats and kittens in need? Produced by 325productionsUK

‘The Holly Kane Experiment’ (Feature)

1st AC - Arri Amira

Running time: 103 mins

An obsessive psychologist attempts to reprogramme her subconscious mind, but when her actions become increasingly uncharacteristic she fears her experiment is dangerously out of control. Directed by Tom Sands (Substantial Films)

'Punch Bag' (Short)

Director of Photography - Sony FS100, Nikon primes

Running Time: 10 mins

After finding a leaflet that offers ‘help’, Naomi seeks a violent end to her problematic neighbours. An absurd-comedy written & directed by Daniel Harding (23 1/2 films)

'Toast' (Short)

Director of Photography - Sony FS100, Nikon 50mm f1.8

Running time: 1 min

A man ponders existence and what it all means, if only he had a sign to tell him.

Toast is a one minute, one shot, existential comedy written & directed by Daniel Harding (23 1/2films).

'Nazi Vengeance' (formerly 'Backtrack' - Feature)

1st AC - Sony F3, Samyang Cine primes

Running time: 96 mins

Trailer for forthcoming psychological horror film Nazi Vengeance, starring Julian Glover (Substantial Films).

Nazi Vengeance (formerly 'Backtrack') is an intelligent and exciting psychological horror film that explores the dark side of reincarnation and karma. What sins did we commit in our past lives and will we pay for them in this one?

Full film now available in the UK on Netflix, Amazon and BlinkBox.

'Noose' (Short)

Director of Photography - 5D mkii, Zeiss ZF primes

Running time: 17 mins

A short supernatural horror about a lone hotel worker who starts to feel a strange presence after being forced to work the late shift (United Magic Studios)

Financed through Kickstarter and nominated for Best Horror at the 2014 Limelight Short Film Awards and Best Cinematography in the 2014 South Coast Shorts competition.

Matt worked as assistant director of photography on Nazi Vengeance, a feature film produced by The Road to Ashvem Productions Ltd in July 2013. Matt was punctual, diligent and skillful member of the crew and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to your program.
— Haydn West - Director of Photography at Substantial Films