Event Highlights Video

3 ways to get more from your event video

  1. More cameras = more magic moments. For events that have a lot going on sometimes one camera operator simply isn't enough. We can only be in one place at a time after all. Ensure you capture all of the special moments and/or capture them from multiple angles for excitement and variety.
  2. Release multiple videos from a day's filming. Just because your event may last a day that doesn't mean you can necessarily end up with only 1 video. Utilise social media to release multiple videos; for example, a highlights video can be accompanied with several separate interviews from key attendees. This is a great way to grow your Youtube channel, improve your SEO and allow you to release content over time!
  3. Use a specialist element. Go one step further to amaze and engage with your audience even better. Have your event streamed live or hire a drone operator to capture beautiful aerial footage. These specialist elements can be incorporated into your shoot and through my extensive network I can help you make this happen.

A highlights video for your event doesn't just enable guests to relive and experience the excitement of your event long after it is over but can also be used as a tool to promote future events. Utilising the power of social media, a high quality event promo can compliment a wider marketing strategy.

Typical highlights videos are between 1.5 and 3 minutes in length and show all the key moments alongside interviews with the organisers and 'vox pops' (quick pieces to camera) from guests, speakers, sponsors and anyone who contributed to it being a success. A short but sweet running time is usually the most effective way to cover the majority of events as audience retention tends to drop off after 3 minutes.

Depending on the scale of your event you may require a single camera operator or a full scale production team. Below are some examples of event promos that I have produced.

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Matt did our videography for Drapers Next Generation 2016 and he produced an amazing highlights video which perfectly captured the essence of the event.

[He] was very easy to work with and very patient during a jam packed day of filming. All of us at Drapers would highly recommend working with Matt and we look forward to working with him in the future.
— Emily Crowther, Event Executive at EMAP